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We are excited about being a brand new kind of experience for outdoor lovers

Pete and I love the outdoors and we found a perfect spot for people to join us to share our passion. We have found often the motorcycle community shares this passion with us. However, after a year under our belts we understand our kindred spirit is with whoever has a passion for wildlife, beautiful mountain views and fresh air. We are especially impressed by the fact that many of our guests have come from far away lands and could afford to stay anywhere but they choose us because of our unique venue. We are deeply touched and want to arise to the occasion. We will be offering several new activities to help people find the haven they long for.
First, Pete will start a Bear Tooth Pass loop into Red Lodge twice a week. This is an opportunity to enjoy, probably the most beautiful drive in America with like minded individuals. This will include lunch in Red Lodge and can be done in a total of about 6 hours. This experience is for our motorcycle guests exclusively.
Second, we will be offering “goat yoga” daily. “Goats Don’t Judge, Goats just Love”. Think of this as pet therapy more than yoga. Pete has never done yoga one single time, but he knows the power of pet therapy for everybody in every single walk of life.
He is organizing instructors and baby goats to help you connect with pure joy. In the beginning, we will just offer a morning class but I expect by July we will have at least one more if not 2 more classes in the evening. Come do yoga or just come to be loved by a baby goat.

Warm regards,
Pete and Laura